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Shopping in Prague

21.12.10 08:37 - Tips & Tricks

The winter has already  come, everybody starts to think about the upcomig holidays and about the presents they are going to buy. Many of us have so many relatives and friends that the shopping list lasts for several pages. We feverously...

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Museums and exhibitions of Prague

08.12.10 12:07 - Culture & Sights

If you want to have a look over the artistic part of the city, you will propably need to have a look at the Museums of Prague. There are plenty of them here, but I would like to introduce you to the best of them. Monet - Warhol ...

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SaSaZu - dance, eat, party

30.11.10 16:23 - Tips & Tricks

Let me introduce you to the best and probably the biggest dance club in Prague! It is situated not right in the center, but in a very special district of Prague called Holesovice or Prague 7. This part of the city used to be a manufacturing...

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Have fun at the folklore evening

23.11.10 16:48 - Reviews

I am going to describe you a situation which is probably familiar to anyone who has been on a city break before. The time is always our enemy and we have just a couple of days to find out everything about the history, culture and famous sights....

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Magic Christmas in Prague

18.11.10 16:33 - Tips & Tricks

Autumn is slowly passing by, now it`s time for winter to come and to bring us cold weather and lack of sunny days. However there is so much pleasure in winter! In this time of year everybody can find some magic for himself. Christmas...

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How to celebrate Thanksgiving day in Prague

16.11.10 12:14 - Tips & Tricks

Autumn and its shiny days, which make Prague look golden with its orange roofes and multicoloured trees here and there, is almost gone. However you can still spend the last days of November with full of joy. No matter where you are from...

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Where to go when it starts to rain in Prague

12.10.10 12:44 - Tips & Tricks

Even such a perfect city like Prague gets sometimes a slight or even a heavy rain which makes people wonder where to spend days like that. You don’t have to wonder any...

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The UNESCO recognized parts of Prague

05.10.10 13:39 - Culture & Sights

The city of Prague has been a part of the UNESCO heritage since 1992. The entire center of Prague of 866 hectares is held under the protection of the UNESCO branch of the United Nations . We are very glad to be...

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Traditional Czech Cuisine

23.09.10 12:17 - Tips & Tricks

There are a couple of food specialties that have made the Czech Republic famous around the world. We are proud to be the founders of several delicate dishes widely known as “Czech cuisine”. Soup: the basement There...

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Czech Beer, Best Beer

14.09.10 09:51 - Tips & Tricks

Every single person that arrives in Prague (or in the Czech Republic in general) knows what to look for at the first place. It’s the miraculous bitterish beverage that has its origins in Germany, but nowadays is known to...

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Cartier in Prague

09.09.10 09:57 - Events

You can find yourself in the world of luxury and shining diamonds – if You come to Prague nowadays. The Cartier Exhibition read more

The Prague Zoo

06.09.10 09:54 - Culture & Sights

I’ll start this article with a tricky question. What is the most visited tourist point in Prague? Is it the Prague Castle? It is not, trust me or not. The answer is: the Zoo . The Prague animal land is known in the whole...

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Brussels Flower Carpet in Prague

26.08.10 10:07 - Events

You have definitely seen it on the news before. Every other year in August the carpet made out of Belgium’s most beautiful begonias read more

Prague apartments getting cheaper

23.08.10 12:10 - Around Mary's

The prices for renting an apartment in Prague are getting significantly lower. Now at the end of the summer season, the costs for short term vacation rentals - for example...

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The Beatles in Prague

17.08.10 14:43 - Culture & Sights

The Beatles are in Prague. Or at least many items that remind of these music heroes from Liverpool are there. The exhibition named “Beatlemania” is to be held in the Czech Music Museum in Karmelitska Street till...

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