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Best Prague gardens

15.04.11 10:53 - Culture & Sights

As you see in Prague it is getting warmer and warmer, the sun is shining brightly and instead of sitting in a bar we choose to have a walk through the city. However there are dozens of tourists in the street, so may be you would like to find...

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Welcome to CIRQUE de GLACE!

17.01.11 10:31 - Culture & Sights

Ice Show that you have never seen before - In most of countries all over the world nowadays it is popular to watch some Tv series about skating: celbreties skating with proffesional sportsmen, celebreties skating with each other, real...

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Jazz Dock

28.12.10 14:01 - Culture & Sights

Prague is a very charming city. Now when it is getting cold, people are trying to find some places with a special atmosphere, where they can hide from nasty weather and get a class of warming mulled wine.   read more

Museums and exhibitions of Prague

08.12.10 12:07 - Culture & Sights

If you want to have a look over the artistic part of the city, you will propably need to have a look at the Museums of Prague. There are plenty of them here, but I would like to introduce you to the best of them. Monet - Warhol ...

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The UNESCO recognized parts of Prague

05.10.10 13:39 - Culture & Sights

The city of Prague has been a part of the UNESCO heritage since 1992. The entire center of Prague of 866 hectares is held under the protection of the UNESCO branch of the United Nations . We are very glad to be...

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The Prague Zoo

06.09.10 09:54 - Culture & Sights

I’ll start this article with a tricky question. What is the most visited tourist point in Prague? Is it the Prague Castle? It is not, trust me or not. The answer is: the Zoo . The Prague animal land is known in the whole...

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The Beatles in Prague

17.08.10 14:43 - Culture & Sights

The Beatles are in Prague. Or at least many items that remind of these music heroes from Liverpool are there. The exhibition named “Beatlemania” is to be held in the Czech Music Museum in Karmelitska Street till...

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Toy Wonderland in Prague

10.08.10 11:07 - Culture & Sights

Prague is a city capable of making dreams true. One of those dreams could be returning to the times when...

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Petrin – the Czech Eiffel Tower

05.08.10 10:33 - Culture & Sights

The Petrin Tower is a 63 meter high steel building that almost looks like the legendary symbol of Paris. It’s not as big, but on the other hand, I would say it has a much...

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Prague Around the World

22.03.10 09:56 - Culture & Sights


Prague's Famous People

11.03.10 14:09 - Culture & Sights

Prague is a historical, cultural and political center of Czech Republic for more than 1100 years. This city gives place for many universities, museums, galleries or theaters. The result of it’s rich cultural life is that, many of...

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Movies made in Prague

18.02.10 15:02 - Culture & Sights

Since 1990, the Czech Republic became a very popular destination for the foreign filmmakers. The reasons are very clear. First of all, the landscape full of historical castles and palaces, can be a scene of a historical movie, then beautiful...

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190th birthday of the National Museum Prague - today

15.04.08 14:31 - Culture & Sights

The beautiful museum on the top of the Wenceslas Square, the National Museum of Prague celebrates it's 190th birtday today! The museum was...

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Historical sights open for public

01.04.08 08:48 - Culture & Sights

As every year, this year opens most of the historical sights for public in the Czech Republic on 1st April. From now on You can visit...

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Red Bull Art of Can - competition and gallery

25.10.07 09:05 - Culture & Sights

We have a new type of competition here in Prague - the " Art of Can " sponsored by the Red Bull company. The aim is to find some creative people who can work out some interesting compositions from the...

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