Cartier in Prague

09.09.10 09:57

You can find yourself in the world of luxury and shining diamonds – if You come to Prague nowadays. The Cartier Exhibition which is held in Prague Castle Riding Hall offers a great chance to see the production of one of the most famous jewelers in the world who are the major jewels provider of many royal families as well.

Short history: The Cartier House has been founded in 1847 and quickly gained worldwide fame. Cartier´s designers were always constantly searching for new shapes and ideas, they truly were artisans and great masters... Which probably also is a key to the Cartier House success. Cartier Accessories, jewelry and watches had since become the essential part of successful people´s life of the past centuries.

The exhibition is named „The power of Style“ - so you know what to expect there :) Each of the exhibited 350 items represents a real work of art. Most of them have already become a Cartier's classic.
In addition, organizers provide profound information about the Cartier House’s history, about the different influences it came through, some facts and pictures of the Cartier's regular clients (among which were royal families in Europe, Russia, India and Arab Emirates). Each piece of jewelry you will see has its own story. You will also have a chance to see a documentary about Cartier House and the technique of jewelry production as well as the original sketches from the beginning of 20th century.

The whole impression is very powerful!! So do not hesitate and plan when will you visit it – you still have a time, the exhibition will be held till October 17, 2010. Mary's Travel will be pleased to assist you with tickets booking.

A short recapitulation of the practical information:
Venue: Prague Caste Riding Hall – U Prašného mostu street, Prague 1
Opening hours: daily from 10am till 6pm
Entrance fees on the spot: 375,-CZK/adult and 195,-CZK /student, child (7-15 years old), senior
Entrance fees via Mary’s Travel: 300,-CZK/adult and 190,-CZK /student, child (7-15 years old), senior
Ticket can be reserved by email and picked up in the Mary’s Office at Italska 31, Prague 2.

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