The Beatles in Prague

17.08.10 14:43

The Beatles are in Prague. Or at least many items that remind of these music heroes from Liverpool are there. The exhibition named “Beatlemania” is to be held in the Czech Music Museum in Karmelitska Street till January 2011. Not so long ago are the times of them being the phenomenon number one in the world, appearing on the front pages of all newspapers and magazines, influencing the whole world by their attitude to various social aspects of life.

All You Need Is Love

The entire exhibition is divided into two parts. The first line tells us everything about the Beatles. You will get a view of the very first days of their cooperation in Liverpool, the peak of their fame in the whole world, as well as the end of the band’s activity. Special attention is given to the cultural background of the 60s in the world and the Beatles’ role in it. The other part of the exhibition tells us a bit about the situation in Czechoslovakia. Did the Beatles influence Czech youth as well? How did the young Czechs accept music like that? Did local artists try to copy the style of the Beatles? The answers are in the Prague Music Museum right now!!

Wax guys

So what can you find there? First of all, it’s the waxworks of the four pop music legends - John, Paul, George and Ringo – from the Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool. If you look at them and start wondering if you haven’t seen those figures somewhere, but never been to the Liverpool museum, it’s very possible you’re right. These waxworks are pictured on the cover of the album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Beatles Story Museum has also lent George Harrison’s banjo and other interesting artifacts to Prague.


The final part of the exhibition follows the most famous Beatle – John Lennon. His opinions influenced those of millions. He became the symbol of peace and love for young people. He was the icon of protests against the bad that was happening on this planet. His song Imagine is one of the most popular songs on Earth, being the torch to carry peace to everyone. That’s why the exhibition has been extended by 9 new items till September 15, 2010. These things are John Lennon’s personal stuff like the suede jacket he’s wearing on the cover of the album Rubber Soul. You’ll also find there his silver harmonica or a few unique photos. These items were lent by the Florida Hard Rock and all of them are very exclusive.

If you’re a Beatles fan or just want to go back in time, this is the time to visit Prague and see this unbelievable original exhibition. You might not ever again get the opportunity to see all of these unique objects together at one place.

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