USA President, Mr Obama comes to Prague

03.04.09 15:40 - News

On 4 April the President of the United States, Mr Obama will arrive to our city for a visit. If You stay in Prague this beautiful spring weekend, please notice...

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New metro stations in Prague were opened

12.05.08 09:56 - News

For those who choose accommodation furter from the center of Prague, in Prague 8, we have very good news. A few days ago, on 8th May 3...

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The Matejska theme park just opened

25.02.08 17:54 - News

The 45th annual theme park in the Holesovice, called "Matejska pout" just opened for the visitors. You can spend a whole enjoyable day here, choose from the 120 attractions -...

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Starbucks in Prague!

14.01.08 08:45 - News

The well known international coffee house company, the Starbucks is opening its firts store in Prague now in January! The store will be on the Mala Strana.

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Christmas Carols in the central stations of the Prague Metro

13.12.07 08:47 - News

This year the Prague Public Transport System suprised the travellers...

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Travel tickets in Prague can be bought by cell phone!!

27.11.07 11:31 - News

We have a very practical novelty in Prague. From 22 November, You can buy the 1-hour tickets for the transportation in Prague with your cell phone! You do not have to find out how the vending maschines work, or stay in lines, just SEND AN SMS WITH...

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The biggest shopping centre has been opened in the centre of Prague

02.11.07 08:46 - News

Last week Palladium , the new shopping centre has been opened...

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Click4sky - new low cost air carrier

24.09.07 10:18 - News

Great news from the Czech National Airlines - CSA. They just announced the birth of their new low cost provider, the Click 4 Sky which offers low cost...

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„TAXI Fair place“ in Prague

06.08.07 10:05 - News

The capital city of the Czech Republic decided to offer better taxi/cab services. That is why they place these signs in the center of the town at the points where the...

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newly opened - the Museum of the Charles Bridge

29.06.07 15:21 - News

On 17 June a new museum was opened in Prague - the Museum of the famous Charles Bridge . You have a unique chance to get an insight of the history of the bridge and its surroundings. The museum...

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650th anniversary of the Charles Bridge in Prague

28.06.07 11:07 - News

Huge celebrations will be held in Prague on the days 6-9 July – the famous medieval bridge, the Charles Bridge in Prague will celebrate its 650th...

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Mr George Bush in Prague

06.06.07 09:52 - News

The U.S. President, Mr Bush was in Prague on 4-5 June. The official programme of the U.S. delegation started on Tuesday. Mr President talked with Czech representatives mainly about the planned stationing of a U.S. radar base in the Czech Republic....

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