The UNESCO recognized parts of Prague

05.10.10 13:39

The city of Prague has been a part of the UNESCO heritage since 1992. The entire center of Prague of 866 hectares is held under the protection of the UNESCO branch of the United Nations. We are very glad to be a part of the world’s most desirable historical places. See the map for the exact border line of the Prague heritage reservation.

As you have certainly noticed, there are the most famous and delicate sightseeing targets in there. Let me now tell you a couple words about each of the most famous ones. You might have heard of them before, but a little summary never hurts. :) No, no, please, don’t run away. We’ll try to make it fun. :)

Prague Castle and Hradcany

It’s the north-western part of the center. Ever seen the fabulous panorama of Prague on all those pretty posters? Well it’s this part of the city that’s pictured in them. :)

The Prague Castle is where our President lives. For more than a millennium, it’s been the most important building in our country. You might have noticed that the Prague Castle does not only contain the most well known St. Vitus Cathedral, where many Czech kings are buried, but it also is a large complex of very important and famous buildings: there are four churches in the Prague Castle, four palaces and a couple of pretty important halls, where all important ceremonies happen (worth mentioning are the Spanish and the Vladislav Hall).

Hradcany (sometimes translated as the Castle District) is the town part where the Prague Castle resides. The castle, though, is not the only reason why Hradcany is so popular. It’s one of the neatest parts of the city – the lookout from there is just gorgeous and the whole town part is just worth visiting for those who love charming atmosphere.

Mala Strana

In English known as the Lesser Town, Mala Strana is one of the oldest parts of Prague. In the deep past it used to be the home for rooted Germans in the city. Nowadays in contains some of the prettiest places in Prague (YES, I said that about Hradcany as well and YES, I’m gonna say that about the other parts of the center, too :) ) like the island of Kampa or the Petrin hill and tower. In the picture below we offer a view of the Lesser Town Square.

Stare Mesto

In English it’s called the Old Town. The most significant objects of interest in the Old Town are clear to everybody who has ever visited Prague, I guess. But just in case: to the Old Town belongs naturally the Old Town Square with the famous astronomical clock called Orloj.

The Old Town and the Lesser Town are connected by the Charles Bridge. This exclusive sightseeing point is in a reconstruction process, but it’s most definitely worth visiting even at this point of time. The interesting thing about the Charles Bridge is that if you cross it every 4 hours, each time you will feel like being somewhere else than 4 hours ago. The atmosphere of the view differs with daytime and it’s really worth visiting the bridge very early in the morning, at noon and very late at night.

Nove Mesto

Well the weird thing about this town part is that it’s called the New Town. Why is that weird? It was established in 1348 by Charles IV!! How is it new then? :) Well, I’m just joking, it was relatively new back then, so they just started calling it like this. Anyway, it probably is the very most visited town part of Prague. Charles IV had a how-to, don’t you think? :) Just look at the list of all the famous sights there: the National Theatre, the Wenceslas Square with the National Museum, the Charles Square... The New Town is beautiful, just like the other parts of Prague’s center. There’s something about Prague that just attracts back everyone who has ever been there.

Prague has a very large area that has become UNESCO recognized. It’s a sign that every piece of the city’s center is a kind of heritage that we have to take care of as good as we can. We will. :)

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