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Church of St Wenceslaus

The city was settled by Czech immigrants in 1892 and current estimate for population makes about 7006. The city was named after Czech Republic capital. New Prague in the Minnesota state reflects many of the Czech history realities, for example, St. Wenceslaus Parish Catholic Community. Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia, belongs to one of the most important figures in Czech history.
A Czech tradition which is kept in New Prague is "Dožínky", Czech Harvest Festival. This event is held annually on the third Saturday of September. The goal of celebration is to thank the nature for the rich harvest.
New Prague has its own newspaper New Prague Times which gives a review of city news, events, historical information.



Prague, Oklahoma

In 1891 begins the history of Prague in Lincoln county, Oklahoma, USA. The city was settled by Czech immigrants in USA and the current population makes about 2200 people due to the last census in 2000. Prague in Oklahoma is proud to be one of the most cleanest and neatest part of the state. For more than 100 years history of the city a wide infrastructure was developed.
The complete history of the city is presented at the Prague History Museum which exhibits plenty of historical artifacts and documents. The permanent collection includes the exemplars of the Czech cultural heritage, works of Olinka Hrdy's art, Jim Thorpe's pictures and many others.
Czech Catholic heritage is embodied by the National Shrine of the Infant Jesus in Prague which was established in 1949.



In the state of Nebraska, USA, Prague represents a small village in Sounders County, with 346 people of population due to the last census taken in 2000. Considerable part of the population are the representatives of Czech ethnicity.
The community of Prague, Nebraska is considered to be the home of the world´s largest Kolaches, kind of traditional Czech pastry that became very popular in the United States. Statistic demographic and economical data are provided on Prague Census and Community profile.

Kolach of Nebraska, Prague



Prague in the state Arkansas represents a small community or so called populated place which is located in Grant County in the east part of the USA. In the neighborhood can be found Arkansas city which is situated approximately 74km away from Prague, then Hot Springs National Park (appr. 74 km) which is often called American Spa.

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