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Beer Museum in Prague

03.06.11 10:02 - Reviews

Here is a review of one of the finest places to taste beer in Prague. You can read it just from the name of the bar as it is called a Beer Museum . Here you can taste more than 30 different types of Czech Beer ....

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Best Prague gardens

15.04.11 10:53 - Culture & Sights

As you see in Prague it is getting warmer and warmer, the sun is shining brightly and instead of sitting in a bar we choose to have a walk through the city. However there are dozens of tourists in the street, so may be you would like to find...

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Spring and Flowers

06.04.11 14:28 - Reviews

In Prague it is already warm and shiny. People are walking through the city and enjoying...

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New York University in Prague – the best traditions of American education in Europe!

31.03.11 10:08 - Reviews

Undoubtedly Prague is one of the most beautiful and magnificent cities in Europe. You can come here as a tourist, but may be you’ll like it so much that you will probably want to stay longer. Some of you may also want to study here!...

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Don't have a car? Not a problem!

25.02.11 11:36 - Reviews

In this article i would like to share my experience about taxi services in Prague. There are a couple of companies, which offer taxi services. read more

Music concerts at the end of February

24.02.11 13:34 - Concerts & Festivals

Probably some of you would be interested in visiting a few music concerts at the end of winter. There are some really nice events held in the greatest clubs and concert halls of Prague. Here I am inviting you to have a look over them: ...

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Where to spend St. Valentine`s Day?

08.02.11 10:54 - Accommodation

The most romantic holiday is coming very soon. May be...

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Ladies Night in Prague

02.02.11 11:36 - Concerts & Festivals

Dear Ladies, I have to tell you about my last morning. 7:30 a.m. – I am just sitting on the subway and trying not to fall asleep. So I start to read the newspaper that I picked up at the entrance. First of all I check my...

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Grand Restaurant Festival

22.01.11 14:11 - Concerts & Festivals

During this winter Czech citizens and tourists can visit a couple of super fashionable, luxury restaurants with delightful cuisine for symbolic prices. Thanks to the Grand Restaurant Festival that takes place in 8 cities of the...

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Welcome to CIRQUE de GLACE!

17.01.11 10:31 - Culture & Sights

Ice Show that you have never seen before - In most of countries all over the world nowadays it is popular to watch some Tv series about skating: celbreties skating with proffesional sportsmen, celebreties skating with each other, real...

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Pizzeria Grosseto

11.01.11 17:47 - Reviews

If you are hungry and you are not a big fan of Czech cuisine or simply looking for something different, you might be interested in having a dinner at Grosetto Pizzeria. read more

The Chocolate Museum in Prague

04.01.11 09:25 - Reviews

Dear reader, I have a quiz for you! It can be light brown, dark brown or even black, but white also exists. It should be creamy, milky, yummy but also bitter or hard. And for the last but not least sometimes it is our...

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Decent Pumpkin Café - Decentní Dýně

28.12.10 16:06 - Reviews

On the opposite side of the street from Mary`s Travel agency there is a unique cafe-bar called Decent Pumpkin. It is a very special place because of the wide range of different types of Rum they have. read more

Jazz Dock

28.12.10 14:01 - Culture & Sights

Prague is a very charming city. Now when it is getting cold, people are trying to find some places with a special atmosphere, where they can hide from nasty weather and get a class of warming mulled wine.   read more

Antique shops in Prague

27.12.10 14:38 - Tips & Tricks

If you are looking for some special gifts or you are simply fond of collecting some antique stuff, you can have a short tour throgh the anique read more

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