Antique shops in Prague

27.12.10 14:38

If you are looking for some special gifts or you are simply fond of collecting some antique stuff, you can have a short tour throgh the anique shops or flea markets of Prague. I don`t think that i will surprise you if I say that Prague is really full of such places where you can buy antique jewellery, furniture, vases, books etc. So this article is for people, who like to buy things, which have their own history, which are old and rare to find.


In a very center of Prague, you can find the shop called Antikvita. It has a wide range of antigue stuff. For example you can find here: glass, porcelain, paintings, statuettes, watches and clocks, toys, lamps, silver items and other antiquities especially from 19th and 20th century. The store was opened in 1990 and the staff hasn`t changed since that time. That`s why their clients are full of confidence when bying some things from this shop. Antikvita cna be found here: Na Hutích 9, Prague 6 – Dejvice or at their website   


This store was founded by Vladimír Andrle in 1990.
The company offers Czech glassware and has a great collection of the antique jewellery in Prague. It also offers paintings, quality chinaware, furniture and various decorative items. The varied assortment certainly captivates every collector of pocket and wristwatches. You can find the shops here: Platnéřská 6, 110 00 Prague 1 or at their website

Flea markets of Prague

There are two famous flea markets in Prague. One of them is organized on the Miru Square just near the St. Ludmila Cathedral. Here you can find everything starting clothing till vases and decorative items. However you can hardly ever find furniture on the flea markets. This market usually opens at the end of April and the season ends at the end of October.

The other market is situated at the Riverbank of  Vltava between Palackého Square and the tram station - Vyton.

 You can take any of these trams to get there: 3, 7,16,17, 21. The market takes place every first and third Saturday of the month. The last flea market of this year will take place on Saturday 18th of December. And if you want to impress your friends with some special gifts for the New Year, it might be a great idea to visit this place on Saturday.

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