Re-evolution - the exhibition of the Cracking Art Group in the Kampa Museum, Prague

05.08.08 16:27 - Events

This exhibition in Museum Kampa presents installations of larger than life brightly coloured animal sculptures - with a peculiar sense of humour. The group of six...

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Prague Food Festival 2008

20.06.08 11:07 - Events

From today for two days You can taste the delicates prepaired by the best chefs again! The Prague Food Festival 2008 will be held this time on the...

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Exhibition of the artefacts from the Titanic in Prague

29.05.08 16:15 - Events

A fascinating collection of authentic artefacts raised from the seabed‚ intertwined with the real stories of...

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Prague Marathon weekend starts tomorrow!

07.05.08 13:20 - Events

As tomorrow is national holiday in the Czech Republic (the anniversary of the end of the second WW), this years MARATHON WEEKEND starts already tomorrow. No...

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18th Prague Writer's Festival

05.05.08 17:17 - Events

The annual Prague Writer's Festival welcomes its guests for the 18th time. The festival, which will have all its events simultaniusly translated will have its Gala Evening on 1 June, in the Theatre Minor, the last programme will be held on 5...

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Carmen - Monumental Opera for the first time in Prague

24.04.08 11:38 - Events

For the first time in the Czech Republic, Carmen , the famous opera from Georges Bizet...

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International Book Fair and Literary Festival in Prague

23.04.08 08:39 - Events

The annual, 19th Book World Prague 2013 opens its doors on 16th May in the...

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15th Days of European Film in Prague

21.04.08 10:01 - Events

The annual Days of European Film festival shows each year the best of the modern European Cinematography. The organisers are Embassies and Cultural Institutes (Goethe Institut, Italian, Hungarian,...

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Prague Foto - Photography Fair

03.04.08 09:03 - Events

A new kind of art fair started yesterday (3-6 April 2008) in Prague in the...

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Hervis Prague Half Marathon this weekend

28.03.08 10:56 - Events

This time we inform You about the 10th annual Hervis Prague...

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Francophonie Days in Prague

20.03.08 15:26 - Events

The 11th annual Francophonie Days just started in Prague. This year the attention will be put on film making, You can see films from young talents from Romania, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland,... For detailed information...

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Lord of the Dance in Prague

17.03.08 17:41 - Events

If You do not have a plan for today night, we would recommend You the world famous Irish dance performance - Michael...

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Exhibition of orchids in the Prague Botanic Garden

07.03.08 09:37 - Events

This time we would like to invite You to see some beautiful flowers, orchids in the read more

Salsa Festival in Prague

05.02.08 16:07 - Events

We would like to welcome You to the annual 7th Salsa Festival in Prague, which will be held on 11-13 April this year in the Prague Congress Centre. You can learn...

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