Prague Marathon weekend starts tomorrow!

07.05.08 13:20

As tomorrow is national holiday in the Czech Republic (the anniversary of the end of the second WW), this years MARATHON WEEKEND starts already tomorrow. No matter whether You attend the Volkswagen Prague Marathon, the Corporate Marathon, the VW Family MiniMarathon, the Garnier EcoWalk, the In-line Skaters Race or You just come to the heart of Prague to watch the events, You will have a great time for sure. (Particularly if You do not come by car:) )
The marathons will be accompanied by the Marathon Music Festival, the weather is going to be just fine, 21-22 Celsius degrees should be perfect for those who run, the sunny weather for those who watch:)
So if you are in Prague for the weekend, be prepared to see many runners and programmes in the centre, not "just" the beautiful historical Prague. Welcome!

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