Smoking in Prague

25.02.10 11:39

Smoking is still a quite popular habit in our country. If you are a smoker you will be happy to hear that the Czech Republic is more tolerant in this topic than many other countries in Europe. Though since 1989 there has been a gradual shift in favor of the non-smokers (a greater awareness of the need of clean air environment can be noticed and also non-smoking areas in restaurants are becoming more common) smokers still have advantages.

Good to know if You travel to Prague:

  • Tobacco based products cannot be sold to youngsters under 18 let years of age.
  • Currently, there is a law in force that bans smoking in all public places such as administrative buildings, hospitals, on public transport (including trains, railways stations), at public transport stops ! (covered platforms of tram, bus, underground stations), at cinemas, theaters, sports halls and at schools.
  • Most 3 to 5 star hotels in Prague have non-smoking floors or at least a few non-smoking rooms.
  • Owners of food serving pubs and restaurants in Prague can decide whether their establishments are smoking or non-smoking.
    All they need to do is put a notice on the door saying where they stand, so not every restaurant has to have a non-smoking area. If You would like to have a meal in a smoke free place it is good to check the door or ask the waiter before You take a seat.
    According to the previous law, it was not allowed to smoke in restaurants unless it was clearly stated and the smoking area has been separated, but this is not valid anymore.

The debate regarding smoking in cafés, restaurants and pubs is contentiously on. A large number of such establishments are very smoky.
On one hand many Czechs see smoking as something they have done for long years and they feel that there shouldn’t be any restrictions at all. On the other hand according to a poll conducted by students of the Medical Faculty of Prague's Charles University over a half of Czechs wish an absolute ban on smoking in restaurants.

No Smoking

Do you travel with kids or are you just looking for some non-smoking restaurants in Prague? Check the site of an independent guide, the Maurer´s Selection - Grand Restaurant, where You can find a list of recommended non-smoking restaurants (use the detailed search in order to find the non-smoking restaurants).

Useful vocabulary:

non smoking restaurant    
nekuřácká restaurace
non smoking room nekuřácký pokoj
smoking restaurant kuřácká restaurace
smoking room kuřácký pokoj

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