Prague Public Transport - 4th best in Europe

02.03.10 11:08

Prague is famous for its historic sights, great beer, tasteful cuisine and since the last year also for its very low prices of accommodation. But if You travel somewhere, an important question is always how to get there from point A to point B, particularly in an unknown city. Well we have good news for You: the public transport system of Prague is just great! We knew this already of courseWink, but at last an official result was published as well.

FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) tested the public transportation system of 23 European cities, and Prague got the 4th highest ranking!! (after Munich, Helsinki and Wien).

We can just agree with these results. Traveling all around the world we pay everywhere higher fees for the tickets, the schedules are not clear and usually not kept, ticket vending machines do speak just the given country’s language… I am sure You know what I am talking about. And I am proud to say, in Prague it is different.

The main advantages which were underlined by the FIA in context with the Prague Pubic Transport are:

  • The user-friendly price policy: the transfer ticket costs 26 CZK (approx. 1 EUR) with which You can travel 90 minutes and change lines whenever You need. The non-transfer ticket, valid for 20 minutes costs 18 CZK (approx. 0,60 EUR).
    If You are thinking to settle in Prague, also good news can be, that the monthly ticket costs just the 20x of a normal transfer ticket price, what actually means that You pay for 10 days traveling - instead of 30. This was pointed out to be unique among the 23 cities.
  • Tickets can be bought via text message, You do not have to search for ticket vending machines anymore. The ticket costs the same as if You had bought it from a vending machine and is valid also for 90 minutes, You just need to send the "DPT" text to the number 902 06 and You will shortly receive a reply message with the identifier code. That is all that need to be done. It has an unpleasant term though, and it is that You have to send the message from a Czech operator based cell phone. But the solution is simple – just rent a cell phone from us, Mary’s, for free and buy a prepaid sim card from one of the operators (can be bought for 200 CZK – approximately 8 EUR – and You can use up the whole amount!).
  • If You prefer the old-fashioned way, You can still buy tickets from the ticket vending machines, where You will find all the information written in English as well! From these machines You can also buy a daily or a 3-day ticket, the first one costs 100 CZK (approx 4 EUR), while the second one is useful for families, as a child (<15 years old) can travel with the adult for free, and it costs for three days 330 CZK (approx 13 EUR).
  • Also a perfect thing – You will find the exact schedule of the chosen line at every stop, moreover the time of the arrival is 99% kept.
    If You have access to internet, You can search for the best connection on the journey planner of the official site of the public transport system.

The main problem of the Prague Public Transport is said to be the inconvenient transfer method from the airport – You can get to the center by buses, no railway or underground line goes there. But here we would like to point out the great transfer service our travel agency has, which we gladly arrange for You for any hour of the day.

So the conclusion is:

If You choose to travel to Prague, You surely won’t spend Your time chasing ticket and schedule information, and You can concentrate on the sights, cuisine, great beer and spirits.


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