Na Prikope 23, Prague 1 / Vltava river embankment

3 hours

Do you already feel tired after all that walking and would like to have a nice evening with dinner, live music... maybe spent on the river Vltava? In this case we have a perfect offer for You, a...

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Do you already feel tired after all that walking and would like to have a nice evening with dinner, live music... maybe spent on the river Vltava? In this case we have a perfect offer for You, a 3-hour long river cruise on the Vltava, with cold and hot buffet, live music and beautiful sights of Prague. During the 3 hours You will pass the Charles bridge, Prague Castle with the St. Vithus Cathedral, National Theater, Vysehrad and a lot more. Without guide


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From Mary’s tried by: Klára, Katka, 2011-08-23

The cruise was an extraordinary experience which has made our day really great! It is the best choice for those who would like to enjoy refreshing rest after the day-long sightseeing. It gives you the opportunity to see Prague from a totally different point of view, to feel like a sailor man and to delight your stomach :). The boat is not the newest, but it is very cozy, clean and have a terrace, inner deck and lower deck with very stylish wooden benches – we felt as if we were in a typical old Bohemian restaurant. The price-quality ratio is very good, you will be given everything you even could expect and even more– experienced crew, great views, rich buffet dinner, cheerful live music and nice rest in a river breeze. And all of this for three hours. I have to admit, I was a bit worried as it seems to be a quite long time, but finally it was just enough to see everything and have a delicious dinner as well… the time runs quickly on board :)


  • The boat harbored at Dvořák´s embankment, however the tour starts with a pick-up in the middle of the city (which is really good when you, as a tourist, don´t know the city too much). We have been taken with an air-conditioned bus (very comfortable when outside was about 30 degrees!) directly to the boat. Do not expect much of a sightseeing in this part, the transfer takes just a few minutesThe professional staff has showed us where we should go and we were given a pleasant surprise – a welcome drink.
  • We set out for the cruise at 7pm. The upper board was unfortunately full so we sat in the inner restaurant. It was no bad, because we were close to the buffet :)) and we could hang around the upper board during the cruise anyway.
  • After we had set out, the live music performance started. The very handful accordionist was playing every music style from the Czech foklore music via tramp music to the pop music, we listened to Spanish, German, Italian, Russian songs, even an Argentinian tango :) – it completed the pleasant atmosphere of the cruise.
  • The buffet - dinner started to be served at 19:30 which was a great timing, because we just went into a canal lock to spend a half an hour inside. So we did not lost any great views on wonderful Prague while eating
  • The dinner offered much more than I expected and everything was refilled continually. There was a huge selection of cheeses, hams, fresh vegetables and cold pasta salads. The warm buffet offered fried pork chops, fish, chicken, boiled vegetable, rice, kus-kus, potatoes, french fries, there were meals suitable for vegetarians as well. You could also try the typical Czech plate – beef goulash with „knedlik“, „utopenec“ – typical sausage in vinegar.
  • .
  • After about 1,5 hour we reached the Vysehrad National Monument which towered proudly on the rock above the river. There the boat turned we could see what we had missed before.
  • Our taste for something sweet was satisfied with the dessert (various sweet rolls, Czech strudel, chocolate baskets) and fruit buffet, which was served at 9pm
  • And finally we reached the embankment again at 10pm, and were shown how to get back into the city, because there is no return transfer included in the price.


  • I would have really appreciated if there was at least one drink included in the price (except for the welcome drink which was liquor).But there is a bar on board of course, so it is not a problem to ask for alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Maybe it would be nice if there was a guide with us to tell us some interesting facts about the sights which we were passing. However, you can choose as well the Prague by night guided tour with dinner.

Our colleague, Klara‘s greeting from the air-conditioned minibus The boat from outside The welcome drink was a kind detail The interior of the boat was cozy and clean The musician playing accordion The bar where you could ask for drinks The lower deck, just like an Old Bohemian restaurant The warm buffet Klara serving herself a chicken nugget The cold buffet offering a great choice of fresh cheese and ham The warm buffet The warm buffet Typical Czech goulash and knedlik on the right side Katerina serving herself a delicious blue cheese Spotless dishes and cutlery And this is the beautiful Charles Bridge seen from the board Charles Bridge closer Charles Bridge which you can almost reach Beautiful buildings on the river embankment Sweet buffet - an excellent surprise to say goodbye


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2015-10-07 17:30:52
Comment - enComment: Die Veranstaltung inkl. Anreise war von der Durchführung als gut bis sehr gut zu beurteilen. Was die schlechte Bewertung beim Personal bei Marys Travel ausschlaggebend machte war, dass keine Rückfahrt für uns gab und wir die Rückreise in die Altstadt von wo der Ausflug begann zu Fuß angetreten werden durfte. Man sollte schon die Kundschaft darauf aufmerksam machen, dass bei dem Buchungspreis nur die Hinfahrt inbegriffen ist.


2015-09-02 11:50:04
Comment - enComment: Plavba na lodi bol krásny zážitok,maximálna spokojnosť aj perfektné obsluha a stravovanie formov švédskych stolov ...Ďakujeme


2015-02-17 11:18:49
Comment - enComment: Promenade en bateau parfaite...dîner : buffet comme à la cantine Industriel mais bon. au retour nous avons été jeté sur la berge pas de retour navette avons essayé de nous renseigner auprès des différents Bus Premium tour..nous nous sommes fait jeter!!! sommes rentré à pied :( Inacceptable...changez de prestataire de service .


2015-01-20 11:42:55
Comment - enComment: Nourriture de qualité moyenne...


2014-12-29 11:35:13
Comment - enComment: Food not exceptional. Music should be more folkloric. It is a bit of a tourist trap. Best regards


2014-12-02 19:09:58


2014-10-28 18:14:01


2014-05-27 15:38:49


2014-04-22 12:06:53


2013-08-13 10:27:24


2013-05-29 11:45:53
Comment - enComment: - The inner cruise boat setup was clearly improvable, tables are shared compulsorily with other passengers (limited privacy). - The food quality was very poor and, not only that, self-serviced. - The drink quality and service by the waiters is OK, but surprisingly not included in the price. - The "live music" was far from our expectations: an organ is neither romantic nor entertaining. Let us suggest a violin, a real piano or a music band for the future. The last time classical guitar player was not very skilled and closed to annoying (in fact several passengers left the room and stayed in deck for a moment). - No return transport service to the pick-up point included (waiters passed "kindly" to book you a taxi). Generally speaking, quality of service clearly below of its price and, for this reason, this cruise is not recommendable to anyone.


2013-05-21 10:04:02


2013-02-22 20:05:34
Comment - enComment: Voucher should arrive sooner when paying by CC.


2012-10-28 10:09:35
Comment - enComment: We enjoyed the boat cruise. However, we were not informed before hand (or it was not explicitly stated) that we would only receive transport to the boat, and not back to the drop off point. It started raining as we had to go home and the walk in the rain was an unpleasant surprise. Also, in terms of seating, my husband was quite disappointed when we were immediately sent below deck to be seated. It seemed as if the top deck was reserved, although this was not mentioned elsewhere.


2012-09-25 20:37:48


2012-09-12 10:43:48
Comment - enComment: A pincérek kiszolgálási stílusa meglepő a számunkra. Nálunk sokkal kedvesebbek, higgadtabbak, alázatosabbak.


2012-08-14 11:19:12


2012-07-03 12:17:16


2012-05-03 10:40:16


2012-03-19 22:04:18
Comment - enComment: Érdekes esti program,a vacsora bőséges a zenészek és a személyzet kitettek magukért.


2012-01-30 15:57:05
Comment - enComment: Az összbenyomásunkat alaposan lerontotta,hogy a hajóút után egyszerűen ott hagytak bennünket a buszok a rakparton. Pedig nem késlekedtünk a kiszálással és a mögöttünk kiszálló pár is ugyanígy járt.
Mary's reaction: Kedves Csaba! Örülünk, hogy a hajókázás az elvárásaiknak megfelelően alakult. Sajnos, ennek a programnak nem része a transzfer vissza a szállodába. Mivel ittartozkodásuk ideje alatt már tavaszias időnek örülhettünk, így remélem kellemes esti sétában volt részük.


2011-12-20 10:50:18


2011-09-07 11:30:17
Comment - enComment: A hajó jó nagy, a felső szinten való utazás felejthetetlen, a kiszolgálás jó, az árak még elfogadhatóak. A vacsora önkiszolgálós, de süteményes tányéron kell pl.:gulyást knédlivel enni, jó "sok" fért rá, ezért több tányért kell igénybe venni. Az ételek íze jó volt, mindenkinek jutott mindenből(bármennyien is voltunk ""éhesek")


2011-09-06 10:20:29


2011-07-25 17:24:17
Comment - huComment: köszönjük a hangulatos program megszervezését, jól éreztük magunkat! (Translate)


2011-07-25 09:48:17
Comment - enComment: Thank You for the nice evening! We found the three hours a bit too long, but its just us:) The cruise and the dinner was good, and Prague is beautiful at night!


2011-07-08 10:08:00
Comment - deComment: Wir haben die Fahrt wirklich genossen! Prag am Abend ist märchenvoll und der Ausblick vom Schiff ist etwas ganz Anderes. Und das Essen war auch sehr lecker. Ganz einfach – sehr schönes Erlebniss! (Translate)


2011-06-16 10:39:39
Comment - ruComment: Мы хорошо поужинали на пароходе, ночью было тепло, персонал увлекающий и вечер оказалься очень забавным. (Translate)


2011-01-27 12:02:59
Comment - esComment: La pasamos bomba. (Translate)
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