Decent Pumpkin Café - Decentní Dýně

28.12.10 16:06

On the opposite side of the street from Mary`s Travel agency there is a unique cafe-bar called Decent Pumpkin. It is a very special place because of the wide range of different types of Rum they have.

Now you can taste a few from more than 140 kinds of this pirate drink! And they add new types to the menu all the time! For example they have recently added Mulata and 7 anos. Dark brown Cuban rum was aging more than 7 years in oak barrels. So it has beautiful amber color. The first sip brings full taste of the coffee, tobacco and exotic spices.

The bar also offers Happy Hours: every day till 20:00 all the cocktails are half price. Here you can find more than 40 of them. And also you`d be glad to try the special New Years Eve offer, which is valid through the whole day:

  • Cuba Libre 49,- CZK (Approx. 2,- EUR)
  • Gintonic 49,- CZK
  • Moco 49,- CZK

In this cafe you can also find 3 kinds of Beer: Staropramen, Granat and Stella Artois. Pint of Staropramen costs 29.- CZK (Approx. 1 EUR). Also they offer some snacks, for example pickled cheese and sausages, nachos and cheese skewers.

Decent Pumpkin is also opened on the 31th of December, so it might be a great idea to come there for a New Year Drink and to party the whole night!

Here is the address and the website of the cafe:
Italská 32,Praha 2 12000, Czech republic
Opening hours: Po-Ne 16-01

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