Wine tasting in Prague

House of Wine U Zavoje

Havelska 25, Prague 1

House of Wine U Zavoje includes a wine-bar, restaurant, coffee-house, Cognac store, cheese - delicatessen shop, wine and accessories merchant.
The wine bar is on the ground floor and has an offer of five hundred local and international wines. You can taste a glass of almost every bottle thanks to the unique technology of the Le verre du vin vacuum device. They have the best Moravian, international and the most famous French wines, and moreover, you can taste the wine from bottles of the best houses in Champagne. Wines are stored in their own wine-cellar at optimal temperature. This wine bar is an ideal place for meeting friends and connoisseurs of wine and for talks with business partners.

Other part of the complex, the shop of wine and wine accessories gains great popularity among the lovers of wine, because it offers a broad selection of French, Moravian and world wines together with all gadgets needed for fitting out a wine-cellar at home or equipping a wine-cellar or restaurant. Not to mention, that U Zavoje restaurant hires the best sommeliers in the Czech Republic.
In case of interest in wine tasting or table bookings, just let Mary's know!

Monarch Restaurant

Na Perstyne 15, Prague 1

Monarch Wine Cellars offer an assortment of wines from the finest regions. They select wines for their portfolio together with renowned experts and professionals. They attract your taste perception and provide a great gourmet experience.
In Monarch retaurant you can taste a wide range of wines and enjoy them with your family, friends, business partners. You may attend their regular wine tasting as well.
Every on the below mentioned Monday evening (from 8 p.m.) you can take part in an excellent wine tasting of different wines from different regions.
The program starts only if there are at least 10 persons and the maximum number of participants is 40. Tickets for tasting should be ordered and paid at least 5 days before the event. If the program will be canceled due to few applicant, the tickets‘ price will be given back.
Mary’s agency can help you with ticket booking, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Lacave Restaurant – Wine Shop Armorica

Novy svet 5, Prague 1

The La Cave restaurant offers excellent wines with a complete service for company and individual events. Where can you find them? There is a baroque building built in 1694, called U zlateho hroznu (At Golden‘s Grape) wine cellar which attracts your attention when walking down from Prague Castle - at the corner of Kapucinska and Novy Svet streets. Each room of the restaurant is with vaulted roof with medival frescos, walls with artistic replicas of ancient weapons and armours and contemporary ceramics.
Lacave does not organize regular wine tastings, but they have nice scale of excellent wines which you can try any time you want. The wine cellar offers guided wine tastings and for more than 20 persons it is for free.
Wine tasting topics:
Wines from France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, New World
Changes of species of Chardonnay and Merlot
Changes of species of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon
Moravian interesting possibilities
For table reservations contact Mary’s agency.

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Alla Stella Nera Wine Bar

Seminarska 6, Prague 1

Alla Stella Nera (At the Black Star) is a wine with a nice location in the heart of Prague's Old Town. The building has rich history as a centre of Prague‘s wine culture and is providing an atmospheric environment for gastronomic pleasure and stimulating cultural activities.
This is a kind of wine tasting with more cultural background. You can order musical accompaniment, there use to be photo exhibitions, cool music concerts with jazz improvisations. Plus, more surprises are in the store for you.
Every month it is organized a new wine tasting event. The wine bar invites everyone to participate in these special evenings where wine lovers enjoy coming together to meet, chat and taste wines chosen by professionals. The program starts if there are at least 10 persons to come. Maximum number of participants is about 30-35. The tasting includes 5-7 wine samples plus degustation of different cheeses and cold cuts. Price is reasonable: from 350.- Czk/person including the tasting of cheeses and wines. The wine tasting is organized with one of their sommeliers which explains the origin of wines, their tastes, how to taste them and provides further professional information.
For tasting event reservation contact Mary’s agency.

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Burgundian Wine Cellar Cellarius

Budecska 29, Prague 2

Wine tasting for individuals upon their demand or regularly. Program starts usually at 7 p.m. and lasts at least 2 hours. Wine tasting is held only if there is at least 10 participants but at most 16. You will get 10-15 wine samples of wine, bread and cheese.
Wine tasting topics:
Wines from the Czech and Moravian region
Same species from various region in Czech Republic
Differences among wine producers – one species form various countries of the wold
Exotic wines from Chile, Australie, South Africa, Argetina
Interesting wines from Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Greece)
For tasting program reservation contact Mary’s agency.

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Lucerna Wine Shop Cellarius

Stepanska 61, Prague 1

Wine tasting starts usually at 3:30 p.m. and ends at 7:30. This is the cheapest wine tasting, where You will get 10% discount in case of buying from the tasted wines.

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Wine tasting out of Prague

Holanek Wine Producer

Breclav – Ivan

The family company is seated in Mikulov region. They are growing grape on 22 hectars and using minimal chemically intervention. They emphasize to the protection of the ecosystem of viniculture.
You can visit them on every day to taste their excellent wines: minimum10 samples, with coldplate or snack. For groups there is a guided wine tasting possible.

Wine Cellar and Pension U Osicku

Velke Bilovice

Taste their wines from Velkopavlovicka region. During tasting the owner of the cellar will tell interesting details of how they produce the wine. The chosen wine during tasting can be taken to the table.

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Wine Cellar Sidleny


The wine cellar has got not only production part, but a show room. The visitors find here a wine cellar with traditional barrels, stock cellar, stylish tasting rooms with fireplace. The client can choose from the following programs:
Big guided tasting in Sidleny wine cellar (15 samples from the most successful wines from LIVI Dubnany) - 500,- CZK/ person
Small guided tasting in Sidleny wine cellar (16 samples from the most successful wines from LIVI Dubnany) - 200,- CZK/ person
Small guided tasting in the vineyard (6 samples from the most successful wines from Ulehle vineyard) - 200,- CZK/ person

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Wine Cellar U Mednanskych


Traditional cellar from 14th century, with antique style, bricken floor, wooden barrels and store cellar for the tasting wines. Historical wine cellar offers wine tasting for small or big group (max 45 persons). Stylich lighting, room and enough space for music and dance, classical wood tables and benches. Of course, a guided wine tasting with professional commetary is available.
Price is very nice: from 380,-CZK / person, including wines and one main course.

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