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Prague Summer Programs

Yearly, there is a lot of students coming for summer to Prague. We would like to help them to connect, so here is the most of Prague Summer Programs held. Also, if you're a Facebook user, don't forget to join the I will study in Prague this summer! group.

University of New York in Prague

Two summer programs, in June and July, with an intensive focus. Students can complete two subjects within four weeks

Harvard University

Course: Czech language and culture study in the heart of Europe
Date: 5.6. – 30.7.2011

Yale University

Course: Prague Film and Fiction - In Kafka's Spirit
Date: 2.7. – 6.8.2011

University of Nevada, Reno

Course: Politics, Culture and Art Studies
Date: 20.5. – 22.6.2011 and 16.6. – 23.7.2011

South Texas College of Law

Course: Several Law Sessions
Date: 27.5. – 24.6.2011 and 27.6. – 8.7.2011

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Course: Lectures relating to librarianship in the Czech Republic
Date: 22.5. – 4.6.2011

University of San Francisco

Course: Several Law Courses
Date: 10.7. – 31.7.2011

Emerson College

Course: Prague Summer Film Program
Date: 18.6. – 18.7.2011

The University of Texas at Austin

Course: Documentary Photography
Date: yet unknown

University of Missoury

Course: Agricultural, Food and Natural Resources
Date: 14.6. – 26.7.2011

Western Michigan University

Course: The Nature of Mother Nature: Women, Power, and the Environment
Date: 2.7. – 29.7.2011

NorthWestern University

Course: History, Culture, and Language of Czech Republic
Date: 20.6. – 5.8.2011

The University of New Orleans

Course: Several Courses about Prague, Czech Republic and Central Europe
Date: 9.7. – 6.8.2011

European Study Abroad Center

Course: International Business And Global Marketing
Date: 6.7. - 3.8.2011

University of Pennsylvania

Course: Penn-in-Prague
Date: 2.7.-14.8.2011

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