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Jungmanovo namesti 16, Prague 1

Just a few short steps from Wenceslas Square you will find U Pinkasu, a typical Czech restaurant and the first in Prague to tap Pilsner Urquell, which it has been doing since 1843. The beer is expertly looked after, tapped in the traditional manner and offered on three floors, each of which appeals to guests looking for a different specific cuisine and atmosphere.

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Jindrisska Tower, Jindrisska street, Prague 1

Being the only one in central Europe located inside an original Gothic Tower. It was built on the 7th, 8th and 9th floor of the Jindrisska Tower off the Wencelas Square. Extraordinary cuisine adn great service, panoramic view of the city thanks to the huge windows around the interior, access to the top of the tower where you can admire the “Hundred Spire's Prague”. A perfect place for a romantic dinner in a very special atmosphere.

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U Prasneho mostu 6/51, Prague 1

Excellently located in the beautiful surroundings of Prague Castle, in the vicinity of Royal Garden. Original period surroundings steeped in history, suitable for festive occasions, parties, wedding receptions, business and friendly meetings. Famous for serving the Prague Piglet – a re-discovered recipe of the Renaissance period, dating from the reign of Emperor Rudolf II. It is an original Portufuese speciality of exceptional savouriness.

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Staromestske namesti 19, Prague 1

As one of the medieval houses situated in the heart of Old Town square, simple compared to the richly ornamented surrounding houses, it has been a popular inn since times long ago. It offers a pleasant break on the walk along the Royal Way. For half a century it has been called „Staromestska restaurace“ famous for its excellent Czech cuisine and world-renowned Pilsner beer.

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Na Zlichove, Prague 5 - Hlubocepy

A garden restaurant offering traditional Czech shows with dinner. While sharing a country atmosphere in the beautiful garden you will have a chance to learn a great deal about the Czech people, their music, dance and folklore. You will feast on some of the most typical Czech meals prepared on a garden grill and washed down with the best Czech beer. Easily accessible by trams from the centre - 12, 14, 20 - Hlubocepy station.

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Vodickova 20, Prague 1

A unique culinary experience located right in the centre of Prague, about 300 m away from Wenceslas Square - the first New Town Restaurant Brewery, founded in 1993. 10 rooms, restaurant with summer terrace and micro-brewery in one complex, interier with styles from gothic halls right up to the 30s of 20th century, including rich interior decoration. Several times in a week visitors have the opportunity to follow the master brewers during the brewing of beer. The establishment of the brewery picked up on an old, long-forgotten and discontinued tradition from the 14th century. The total seating capacity is 340.

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Strahovske nadvori 301, Prague 1

The Strahov Monastic Brewery is located near the Prague Castle in the building of the Strahov Monastery and it was founded in 1140 by king Vladislav II. The first mentions of the brewery date back to the turn of the 13th and 14th century. The decision on the construction of a new fully functional brewery in the place of today's restaurant was made by Abbot Kaspar Questenberg in 1628. In 1907 the brewery was closed and the buildings were used as farm houses. The brewery was renewed only three years ago during an extensive and difficult reconstruction of the whole complex. The current Strahov Monastic Brewery has a total capacity of 380 seats in three special premises - the brewery itself, St. Norbert Restaurant and Brewery Courtyard. Each space has its specific atmosphere and can be used for different occasions.

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Veleslavinska 14, Prague 6

Situated not far from the Prague Castle, offers typical czech meals and czech drinks (wine, beer) as well as folklore music or shows from different parts of the country - Bohemian, Moravian but also Slovak or Gipsy, or famous compositions of classics inspired by folk music (Smetana, Dvorak, Brahms, Sarasate, Monti etc.).

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U Milosrdnych 4, Prague 1

While sightseeing the old city of Prague, don't pass up your chance to visit the restaurant Staroprazska. It has a capacity of 40 seats on the ground floor and 80 in the basement, and offers a pleasant setting for sitting or organizing smaller social events. You wil certainly choose out of a wide range of Czech a Old Czech specials meals.

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Na Perstyne 7, Prague 1

The history of the restaurant "U medvidku" dates back to 1466. In the past century the original brewery was converted into the first Prague cabaret and also into the one of the biggest beerhall in Prague. Several generations of Czech people and also a lot of foreigners are visiting this restaurant for ist very good Czech cuisine and for famous Czech beer - Budweiser. Because of its location in the historical centre of Prague its convenient to visit the beerhall in convection with a sightseeing of the old Town or with a visit of some nearly theatres (the National Theatre, the Laterna Magica, the Black Theatre etc.)

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Na Bojisti 12-14, Prague 2

This gastronomic oasis and the meeting place of fine tasters from all over the whole world didn't always look so romantic as it does today. The restaurant conceals legends but also historic truths. In the period of the influence of Svejk (read it as Shvayk) - accordingly before the First World War - the gastronomic as well as social level, upon which we had become accustomed in "The Goblet", was quite different.

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Nebovidska 6, Prague 1

Small side gourmet jewel with an antique romance inviting even the rich & famous. Enjoy the unforgettable interior charm together with the unique delights. For the festive meeting dining with candles and live piano, for everyday lunches with business partners and your family. There are 90 seats on two floors split into smaller cozy rooms.

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Petrinske sady 411, Prague 1

We would like to invite you for a pleasant visit to the Nebozízek restaurant and hotel in the middle of Petřín Park with a magnificent view of the most interesting sights the Old Town has to offer. While you are waiting for your chosen meal, the history of the Old Town will unfold before your eyes, which will follow the meanderings of the Vltava River weaving among the historic buildings finally coming to rest on the classic silhouette of the Prague Castle.

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Belehradska 15, Prague 1

Koliba with live dulcimer music. Folklor oasis in the centre of the Prague with 40 – years traditional. Steaks prepared on the gril lat the centre of the restaurant. Children´s corner.

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Novotného lávka 9, Praha 1
Mo-Su 12.00 p.m. – 3.00 p.m., 5.30 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.

At Mlýnec, Prague’s top restaurant, you will enjoy a unique drama at your table written by Marek Purkart, the first Czech chef to receive the Michelin „Bib Gourmand“ (great value for money) award three times. Superbly situated at the foot of the famous Charles Bridge, Mlýnec’s interior and terrace offer a spectacular view of the Charles Bridge. Invite your love to a romantic dinner at two. Whatever your imagination dreams up, we can make it happen.

For its beautiful riverside location and a variable capacity for up to 200 guests, Mlynec is able to accommodate the mood of a variety of occasions making it the ideal setting for parties, cocktails, buffets, conferences, presentations or weddings. Tell us what you dream of and we will do all the work to make your event exceptional at Mlynec.

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Václavské náměstí 52, Praha 1

Restauraci Katakomby najdete v horní části Václavského náměstí nedaleko od Národního muzea. Vchod je průjezdem z Václavského náměstí (pod ulicí Ve Smečkách). Zařízení interiéru na Vás dýchne atmosférou 30. let v architektonicky krásných sklepních prostorách, kde se historicky v letech 1937 - 1938 natáčel známý český film Katakomby v hlavní roli s Vlastou Burianem a režii Martina Friče.

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