Cosmetic medical treatments in Prague

Many people come from Western Europe and other places to Prague for medical treatments. Many of the treatments are types of cosmetic surgery, such as surgery of face, surgery of body, minimal invasive techniques, liposuction, dermatology and hair transplants. Patients also come for cosmetic dentistry treatments and for medical spas. This is known as medical tourism and is now an important facet of the elective medical treatments in Europe.

The reasons include great surgeons, modern clinics and attractive prices:

  • Renown surgeons: The Czech Republic has many experienced cosmetic surgeons and has a history of expertise in the field.
  • High standards of qualifications: Czech legislation demands the highest level of qualification and experience for medical practitioners. The required Czech qualifications for a cosmetic surgeon are; general medical qualification; 2 years supervised practice as a postgraduate general surgeon; specialisation in plastic surgery involving 4 years of theoretical study and practical experience and undertaking required list of procedures; and thorough final practical and theoretical examination in plastic and general surgery. Czech law does not allow general surgeons to carry out cosmetic surgery operations (unlike some other countries legislations which do allow this).
  • Modern clinics: Prague has some modern clinics with all the latest technology and equipment, many of which have been completely reconstructed and modernised over recent years to become some of the most modern state-of-the-art clinics in Europe.
  • Competitive prices: Prices for medical procedures in the Czech Republic are generally 40-70% lower than in Western Europe and present excellent value for top level treatments.
  • A visit Prague: Patients combine their recuperation time with some time enjoying Prague.

The major types of treatment are:

Cosmetic surgery

Procedures include eyelids, nose, facelift, breast, liposuction, tummytuck, varicose veins, etc. The large clinics have many resident cosmetic surgeons who specialise in treatments of various areas such as face, body, breast or liposuction. It is possible to combine various procedures into single operations to achieve the desired results. Clinics and agencies let you undertake consultations by email to make the procedure time and cost effective for the patients, for example see the cosmetic plastic surgery information.

Hair transplant

Patients come from all over Europe to Prague for hair transplant treatment. There are only a handful of surgeons worldwide with extensive experience in the latest FUE method, one of which is in Prague. See more about FUE hair transplant on Prague Makeover.


Having complex dental treatments done abroad is now a normal practice for patients particularly from the UK. The level of technology and expertise is the same or higher than Western Europe with much lower prices and often shorter waiting times for the treatments.

Medical spa

The Czech Republic has approximately 30 medical spas and spa towns. The most famous spa towns are Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne and Franstiskovy Lazne. They provide treatments for a wide range of preventative therapies and also specific cures such as treatment for digestive diseases, circulatory problems, locomotive problems, post-operative rehabilitation, etc. Medical spa treatments are particularly popular with people from Russia and German, but also increasingly other parts of Europe, and the Arab world.

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