29.07.2013, Maria Jagerova

Huge thanks to the Kampa Museum for organizing Scarfe´s exhibition, “Pink Floyd in Prague”. Gerald Scarfe is a British illustrator and cartoonist, who has had many exhibitions worldwide, designed the costumes and sets for different plays, was the illustrator of The Sunday Times and The New Yorker, but one of the main reasons why he is a well-known artist, is that he worked together with the group Pink Floyd on their stage shows of The Wall. This exhibition is really special, because the 77-year old Scarfe came to introduce his work in person! He presents more than fifty of his pictures and aquarelles, which cover Scarfe's political and social comments, and the caricatures of British and world politics. The premiere of the exhibition was on 24th June, but it will last until 13th October, so don't hesitate and visit the Kampa Museum in Prague!


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