DESKOHRANÍ 2013 - 5th to 13th October 2013 in Prague

28.09.2013, Maria Jagerova

Central European Mind Sports Olympiad is a games festival full of presentations, tournaments, free playing spaces and other attractions.

If you like playing board games, for pleasure or in competition, then you should not miss this extraordinary event starting on 5th of October. This festival takes a place in the building of the Czech Sokol called Tyrsuv dům and will last in total 9 days.

You can come when you want and play what you want, every day from 9 to 22.

And which games are available? Come and try Brain Box, Trans America, Dixit, Puerto Rico, San Juan, Stone Age and much more.

This festival will become an unforgettable experience for any gamer!

Important informations:


CZK 70 a day

Reduced fee:

CZK 50 a day students, seniors, disabled, pregnant women

CZK 30 a day children

FREE entrance:

all Monday to Wednesday

Do you want to come but still don´t have a place to stay? Don´t worry! Mary´s Agency can happilly arrange your accommodation in the city centre.

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