The Prague Zoo´s night life

02.08.2013, Maria Jagerova

Everyone has visited a zoo at least once during their lifetime. But have you ever been in the Zoo at night? Do you know what do the animals do at night? No? In that case, you have to visit the Zoo in Prague! Hurry up, because there is an unique opportunity to look into the animals nightlife with a special guard after the normal closing time. The best program for smaller and bigger children, too.
The duration of this special tours is only this month - only Friday and Saturday evenings in August.
The tours begin at 20:30, 21:00 and 21:30 and last 1,5 hour. The first term ( at 20:30) is determined especially to children with a guide interpretation, other terms are for adults.
The tours must be ordered in advance via mail:
The entrance fee is 160,-CZK for children and 250,-CZK for adults.

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