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Carlos Santana coming to Prague!

The guitar magician, 10 Grammy Awards winner, Carlos Santana is coming to Prague! The concert takes place on 1st August in O2 arena. There are still free tickets for this event, so don´t hesitate to visit Prague and enjoy the performance of this unique artist.


Summer with Railroad Kingdom in Prague

Railroad Kingdom in Prague is dream come true both for children and adults. If you visit Prague with children, you should not miss it. In summer, it is opened as usual - daily from 9 am till 7 pm. You will see a model landscape with a railway network and model trains which run, open and light up, depending on day or night cycle. Cameras provide a view of trackage and various landmarks such as castles Krivoklat and Karlstejn and Jested mountain. You can even operate some trains! So don´t hesitate to visit the Railroad Kingdom in Prague. kids and their dads will love it :-)


Ivan Lendl: Alfons Mucha exhibition extended till September!

If you are keen on seeing the exhibition of the unique collection of Alfons Mucha´s posters, but you have not chance to come to Prague until the end of July, don´t worry! Due to the exceptional interest of the public, the organizers decided to extend the event until 10th September 2013! The venue is Municipal House and it is opened daily from 10:00 till 19:00.


Prague Biennale 2013

The weather is getting better again. But it doesn´t mean that you can´t spend couple of hours in the gallery. If you like the modern art we would like to invite you on the PRAGUE BIENNALE 2013 which takes place how else than in Prague. Organizers found a wonderful space again, now at the functionalist raillway station Zizkov from 1936, in the vibrant district of Zizkov the only freight railway station in the Czech Republic. This actual Biennale presents the overwiev of current artistic tendencies in both Central Europe and worldwide. The exhibition is held by 15th of September.

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